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Re: reverse-menu-complete

On Jun 27, 11:34pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Subject: Re: reverse-menu-complete
} The fact that even complist didn't need to add a function to
} REVERSEMENUHOOK is perhaps good evidence that it isn't useful.
} So shall I bin it?

It's been there since before the zsh sources were in CVS, and it must
have been added by Sven during the time when he was sending patches
as encoded tarballs because a search of the archives turns up nothing.

(Curiously, reversemenucomplete() was modified in a commit that Sven's
commit log attributes to workers/10609, but the corresponding diffs
are not in that message.)

Anyway, there is no hook for *forward* menu-completion, but one for
reverse was explicitly included, so someone at some point must have
thought there was a reason a module would need to know when the list
was supposed to start at the wrong end.

I dunno.

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