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Re: reverse-menu-complete

Bart wrote:
> It's been there since before the zsh sources were in CVS, and it must
> have been added by Sven during the time when he was sending patches
> as encoded tarballs because a search of the archives turns up nothing.

That's it. The patch is 8478 but see 8475 for the explanation. It seems
the idea was only to separate completion specific code into the complete
module and not to provide a hook for addon modules. With that in mind
along with the fact that it wouldn't be hard to put it back, I'll remove
it unless anyone says otherwise.

Does anyone have backups of the old development releases such as the
-pws ones? I could put them into a git repository to make it easier to
track early things down. There's even RCS history files from around
3.1.1 on the ftp site.

> (Curiously, reversemenucomplete() was modified in a commit that Sven's
> commit log attributes to workers/10609, but the corresponding diffs
> are not in that message.)

That's odd. I was wondering if it was something that went wrong due to
the git conversion but no (it is 1.2 of zle_tricky.c in CVS).


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