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Re: PATCH: completion of dates

Oliver Kiddle wrote on Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 11:11:26 +0200:
> Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> > I don't really like this change. I usually forget the order for m3M+
> > glob qualifiers, so it's handy to just press tab to see when which is
> > valid, but now it starts autofilling stuff instead, and scrolling off
> > everything else on my terminal. It also doesn't seem to insert
> > anything actually sensible... but even if the bugs are fixed I would
> > prefer to turn the whole thing off. :)
> It can be turned off with:
>   zstyle ':completion:*:dates' max-matches-length 0
> If the function stays, I can add some documentation for that.
> The line of _dates which causes the autofilling is:
>   compstate[insert]=menu:$(( compstate[nmatches] + $#disp ))
> Other places where we set compstate[insert] in a similar manner include
> _pids and _mpc where we have insert-ids and insert-song-numbers styles
> to control this. I could do something similar here. Any thoughts
> on a style name: I think it is better to reuse generic names (i.e.
> insert-ids) rather than name it insert-dates? Would you be happy with
> that as a way forward? I wish it was possible to simply colour the
> current date but a pattern to do that would match, e.g. the 10th of
> every month.

I have two cases in mind:

- A command that takes more than one kind of "id"
  e.g., 'find -mtime +3 -inode -1500' has two kinds.

- Configuring all instances of calendar completion
  (_find, _globquals, others)

Both of these argue for being clear about "This is a calendar dates
completion" somewhere in the (context, style) zstyle coordinates.  So
I think it suggests either "insert-dates" style, or an "insert-ids"
style with a "dates" or "timedelta" tag?

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