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Re: bracketed paste

On Jul 16,  7:19am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Subject: Re: bracketed paste
} > Also, I realized sometimes a final newline was tricking me into thinking
} > that the command was already enter-ed to the shell (but of course, it
} > wasn't). Stripping any final newlines is an improvement.
} Should we perhaps do this in the default widget? That is strip off the
} last character if it is a newline.

I'd rather that the text is not altered while pasting.  If this were
not a built-in widget, I'd say it'd be OK to have a zstyle for it, but
I also don't want to start having the zstyle mechanism leak into the

There are a couple of features that might be useful if we could come up
with a way to do them.  One would be an indication of whether bracketed
paste is supported at all, so that no one is taken by surprise when the
shell starts executing what they pasted.  Another is some indication of
what text was pasted (maybe highlight-color it differently?).

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