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Re: bracketed paste

On 16/07/15 22:15, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> There are a couple of features that might be useful if we could come up
> with a way to do them.  One would be an indication of whether bracketed
> paste is supported at all, so that no one is taken by surprise when the
> shell starts executing what they pasted.  Another is some indication of
> what text was pasted (maybe highlight-color it differently?).

Is there a setting to highlight yanked text?
If such a setting exists, I would respect it in order to make a
bracketed paste equivalent to a regular paste.

I'm partly in favor of stripping a final newline. Partly because you
might still want that newline in a quote. In that sense, I still prefer
let the user implement his own widget to control the paste behavior.

Without stripping trailing whitespace itself before the newline you
still won't notice.

What makes you think that the command was sent is that the terminal
scrolls upward and the cursor is on the last line, which looks empty.

A newline followed by few spaces still tricks me.

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