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Re: bracketed paste

On Jul 18,  2:05pm, Yuri D'Elia wrote:
} Subject: Re: bracketed paste
} On 16/07/15 22:15, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > There are a couple of features that might be useful if we could come up
} > with a way to do them.  One would be an indication of whether bracketed
} > paste is supported at all, so that no one is taken by surprise when the
} > shell starts executing what they pasted.  Another is some indication of
} > what text was pasted (maybe highlight-color it differently?).
} Is there a setting to highlight yanked text?

Could be done in a custom wrapper widget with region_highlight, I think.
Otherwise, by default, no, but perhaps we could add one.

} What makes you think that the command was sent is that the terminal
} scrolls upward and the cursor is on the last line, which looks empty.

Oliver's POSTEDIT suggestion is helpful here, but for commands that
produce only a small amount of output (not enough to cover up the
"Please wait..." text) it's suboptimal.

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