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Re: bracketed paste

On Jul 18,  4:33am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Like Bart, I'd rather the text is not altered. Sometimes I really want
} it verbatim and I can't write a widget to unalter it. Stripping just a
} single final newline wouldn't bother me greatly, however and it would
} mostly solve to concern I described above. There may be other solutions.

I could live with having only a trailing newline removed.

} (note that there seems to be a bug that we aren't doing unmeta() on
} postedit so you might need the patch below for these).

Ah, I thought that was intentional to assure that the postedit string
was output verbatim.  Are param values stored metafied?  I don't see any
unmeta() in the getsparam() call chain, which is used to retrieve the
all of those need unmetafying too?

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