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Re: bracketed paste - chopping trailing newlines

% fgrep 5.0.9 *
bracketed-paste-magic:# Starting with zsh-5.0.9, ZLE began to recognize the "bracketed paste"
url-quote-magic:# As of zsh-5.0.9, the following may also be necessary in order to apply


to get the most intuitive behaviour possible the bracketed paste code
would need to consider what the parser thinks about the current line.
If we assume, that this information is not available, then, stripping
a newline if the previous character is not a newline (even though
I mentioned that I would prefer not stripping them) in combination with
the described possible behaviour if a paste immediately follows an other
one, might lead to the most intuitive behaviour that can be archived

* Bart Schaefer [2015-08-28 22:00 -0700]:
> On Aug 29,  3:24am, Carsten Hey wrote:
> } The other natural choice to enable distinguishing a running command from
> } a paste is using zle_highlight.  This could also avoid the need for the
> } possibly unexpected newline stripping feature.
> }
> } An alternative to paste:standout is paste:underline.  Given that this
> } one does not suffer from similar possible problems as paste:standout,
> Hm, standout, boldface, and underline are all used already for different
> defaults.  Underline is for isearch, though, so I suppose it's quite
> unlikely to clash with paste highlighting.

I noticed that GNU screen does not support bracketed paste.  Expecting
average zsh users to know which zsh version they run and if they
disabled bracketed paste might be reasonable, but also expecting them to
know which of their terminals support bracketed paste seems to be a bit
too much, given that many people only paste seldom.  If it is thus not
that unusual that users might not know if bracketed paste is currently
enabled, then being able to distinguish between pastes and running
commands in an obvious way by enabling highlighting by default seems to
be more important to me.

> } [...] I think, that a trailing newline should only
> } be stripped if it does not immediately follow an other newline
> Another way to approach this would be for a trailing newline to actually
> be taken as accept-line, provided that RBUFFER is empty.  ...

This is a very interesting idea and I might use a variant of it in my
~/.zshrc.  I don't think that this would be adequate as default
behaviour, though, since it breaks the assumption users could have that
a pasted command never runs without being acknowledged first, but YMMV.

> ...  In contexts other than PS1, e.g., a here-document, this is
> identical to keeping the trailing newline (except that the PS2 prompt
> is repeated).
> Here's a way to try that on for size:

I assume your prototype was not meant to handle all corner cases in
a perfect way, but other than that, it's a good fit for my personal
needs, thanks :)


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