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Re: bracketed paste - chopping trailing newlines

On Aug 30, 10:25pm, Carsten Hey wrote:
} * Bart Schaefer [2015-08-28 22:00 -0700]:
} > Another way to approach this would be for a trailing newline to actually
} > be taken as accept-line, provided that RBUFFER is empty.  ...
} This is a very interesting idea and I might use a variant of it in my
} ~/.zshrc.  I don't think that this would be adequate as default
} behaviour, though, since it breaks the assumption users could have that
} a pasted command never runs without being acknowledged first, but YMMV.

Except for the circumstance  that we shipped 5.1 in this state, users
of any previous version of zsh would never have that assumption; it
has never been true, before.

} > Here's a way to try that on for size:
} I assume your prototype was not meant to handle all corner cases in
} a perfect way

It was meant to do exactly what I described, and that's all.  If there
are corner cases that doesn't cover, are they worth the effort?

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