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Re: Pasting UTF-8 characters with bracketed-paste-magic seems broken in 5.1

Hi Axel, I was traveling on all day on Tuesday and have not caught up
on all zsh list mail until today.

On Sep 6,  5:57pm, Axel Beckert wrote:
} This does not happen with "zsh -f" and it only happened so far if the
} pasted text contained an UTF-8 character, namely with "..." or "a" so
} far. The position of the UTF-8 character inside the pasted string does
} neither matter (none of the characters in the pasted string will show
} up) nor does matter if I paste into the uxterm with middle click or
} Shift-Ins.
} autoload -Uz bracketed-paste-magic
} zle -N bracketed-paste bracketed-paste-magic

OK, this most likely means that either:

(1) There is a problem handling multibyte characters in the built-in
read-commmand widget; or

(2) There is a problem with using ${PASTED#$KEYS} to remove multi-byte
characters from the beginning of the pasted text.

I'm still dealing with other post-travel stuff so may not get a chance
to look at this today, but perhaps that gives you some ideas.

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