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Pasting UTF-8 characters with bracketed-paste-magic seems broken in 5.1


while trying to paste a git commit message after 'git commit -m "'
using a middle click of my mouse into an uxterm, nothing happened
anymore afterwards. The pasted text didn't display and nothing of what
I typed showed up anymore...

Until I pressed Ctrl-C. Then the text appeared without the prepended
'git commit -m "' on the commandline, plus a new prompt.

This does not happen with "zsh -f" and it only happened so far if the
pasted text contained an UTF-8 character, namely with "…" or "ä" so
far. The position of the UTF-8 character inside the pasted string does
neither matter (none of the characters in the pasted string will show
up) nor does matter if I paste into the uxterm with middle click or

The minimal way to reproduce seems the following:

Start a "zsh -f" in an uxterm. Any other UTF-8 capable terminal likely
does it, too. Run the following two commands:

autoload -Uz bracketed-paste-magic
zle -N bracketed-paste bracketed-paste-magic

Then type "echo ", but don't press enter. Copy an UTF-8 "ä" from
somewhere else with the mouse and paste it after "echo ".

Nothing will happen. Type a few words. Nothing will happen either.

Then press Ctrl-C. The UTF-8 character and the typed words will appear
where the "echo " had been before and you will be back at a new,
emptied prompt.

		Kind regards, Axel
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