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zcurses input timeout and window resizing

Hi, Zsh folks,

I'm running in to an issue with the interaction between "zcurses timeout"/"zcurses input" and terminal window resizing. On OS X, it seems that if you resize a window while waiting on a "zcurses input", the timeout will effectively be ignored, and "zcurses input" will block until actual input is received.

Sounds like this was a known possible issue. The Src/Modules/curses.c file has a comment due to it interacting poorly with unspecified behavior of getch wrt handled signals.


     * There remains a potential bug here in that, if the caller has set
     * a timeout for the read [see zccmd_timeout()] the countdown is very
     * likely restarted on every call to wgetch(), so an interrupted call
     * might wait much longer than desired.

I think I'm actually running in to that potential bug here on Mac OS X 10.9.5.

Test code:


# test_zcurses_resize.zsh
# Test how window resizing interacts with zcurses

zmodload zsh/curses

zcurses init
zcurses timeout stdscr 1000

rm -f $logfile
while (( 1 )); do
printf "%4s: %s %s stty: %s\n" $SECONDS $LINES $COLUMNS "$(stty size)" >>$logfile
  zcurses input stdscr key keypad mouse
  printf "%4s: input received: \$?=%s k='%s' kp='%s' m='%s'\n" \
    $SECONDS $? "$key" "$keypad" "$mouse" >>$logfile

# end test_zcurses_resize.zsh

"watch -n 0.5 tail -15 test_zcurses_resize.log" to see results.

When I run it on OS X (in iTerm2 or Terminal.app) and resize the window, it stops producing new output indefinitely, until I actually hit a key or do mouse input. On Debian Linux 8, it still works after the resize, with the "zcurses input" timing out as expected. Tested on both zsh 5.0.2 and 5.1.1.

Any known workarounds to this? Maybe it's dependent on the version of curses? My OS X zsh is linked against libncurses.5.4.dylib; the Debian one against libncursesw.so.5.

The "tetriscurses" example program seems to stay live through window sizes on the same OS X system, and I can't figure out what it's doing differently to keep the timeout working through window resizes.


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