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Re: Bug Report: Interactive Mode Glitches

Nir Friedman wrote on Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 12:15:50 -0400:
> I relatively often see bugs in zsh's interactive mode. I can't duplicate
> them frequently, but the trigger is nearly always either: 1) hitting
> backspace when already in interactive mode and incremental matching is
> happening, or 2) hitting Ctrl-C in an attempt to exit from interactive mode.

What happens when you do these things, and what do you expect to happen?

What version of zsh are you running?

Is there anything else in your .zshrc?

By 'interactive mode' do you mean Vi insert mode?

> Here are some relevant settings:
> I'm happy to try to provide more information, if someone can tell me how
> (perhaps run zsh with some kind of debug flag, and look in there the next
> time a crash happens?).

What do you mean by 'a crash'?  Is zsh killed by a signal?



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