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Re: Using GitHub

24.12.2015, 02:13, "Bart Schaefer" <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Dec 23, 12:04pm, Lewis, Eric wrote:
> }
> } What are the development team's thoughts about adopting a tool like GitHub
> } for issue/bug tracking?
> Something along the lines of "Git off my lawn, ya whippersnapper" seems
> pretty likely.
> More seriously: We tried using the tracker on SourceForge and it didn't
> really work -- it wasn't well-monitored or kept up to date. Adding yet
> another source of bug reports, conversations to monitor, and updates to
> record, is not appealing, nor at this point is that something I have
> much time to attend to.

Problem may be that this is bug tracker on sourceforge: sourceforge is not popular nowadays. Also have a look at how Bram did: they have an issue tracker on github which posts to vim-dev, with a mailing daemon which posts back in case of replies. So users that got used to GH have their issue tracker, and users got used to mailing list get issues too. Though, of course, this makes GH issue tracker secondary because issues posted to vim-dev do not appear there.

> Others may have different feelings/opinions.

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