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Call git directly to bypass possible functions under the same name

Hopefully I have reached the right mailing list and posted a valid


I stumbled upon an issue today when creating a function which adds SSH
keys to an agent on demand. This function should (and does, in `zsh -f`)
only be called when git/ssh is used. The function also has the same name
as the program.

However, I use a zsh framework which depends on vcs_info, which causes
some issue (https://github.com/Eriner/zim/issues/30).

When git is called from vcs_info, it does not appear to call it
directly, so any definitions of it, such as a function, will take priority.

This results in the function (seen in the first post of the GitHub
issue) being called when any (or none at all) command is called, because
the framework checks if the current directory is used by git using vcs_info.

Could vcs_info be changed so that it calls git directly? Thus far, this
appears to be the cause of the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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