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On Apr 6,  8:06pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
} Subject: Re: PATCH: Add SHORT_KEYBIND_DISCARD option
} > ZLE-specific stuff should ideally not leak into the base shell options.
} Not sure what this is about, there are 113 calls to isset() in Src/Zle/*

ZLE used to be part of the main shell, so the options were already there
when it got peeled out into a module; but theoretically since then we are
trying (probably not always successfully) to avoid having any additional
co-dependency.  (The lexer/completion situation I mentioned in another
thread is a similar pre-module side-effect.)

} Well, I want only one character to be eaten (or rather, only
} characters that individually are "undefined-key"), rather than the
} whole 'not actually a prefix'.
} Maybe I'm overestimating the amount of people depending on the current
} behavior, and you would be more open to just changing the behavior
} without adding any option?

I was going to suggest that, though I'm not sure eating one character is
really sufficient.  What if you get four characters of a five-character
prefix and then something you don't recognize?  To actually be emacs-like,
we'd have to go back and try the first three, and if still nothing the
first two, and finally replay everything you backed over and maybe do it
all again.

But ZLE keymaps/binding don't really layer that way.  I suppose most of
the time the prefix is only one character and things would work out.

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