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Re: Possible ZSH bug with IO direction

On Apr 24,  4:30am, Roger Qiu wrote:
}  > gm convert -compress JPEG - - < input.jpg > output.jpg
} gm convert: Corrupt JPEG data: 873 extraneous bytes before marker 0xd9 
} (/tmp/gmo1fx92).

I suspect you are encountering the issue that "gm" wants input.jpg in
binary mode, but zsh's input redirection operator has forced it to text
mode.  A lengthy comment in Src/main.c (copypasted below) explains this.  

There's [intended to be] an easy workaround, which is to open the file
for both read and write even though you're only going to read it:

    gm convert -compress JPEG - - <> input.jpg > output.jpg

However, it's been years since I had a Cygwin system or the time/patience
to care to set one up, so I haven't tested the workaround.

Aside:  The zsh/system module "sysopen" doesn't recognize O_BINARY or
O_TEXT modes; that should probably be corrected if someone can compile
on a system that has them, but of course the comment below indicates
that O_BINARY would be overridden anyway.

 * Peter A. Castro <doctor@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
 * Cygwin supports the notion of binary or text mode access to files
 * based on the mount attributes of the filesystem.  If a file is on
 * a binary mounted filesystem, you get exactly what's in the file, CRLF's
 * and all.  If it's on a text mounted filesystem, Cygwin will strip out
 * the CRs.  This presents a problem because zsh code doesn't allow for
 * CRLF's as line terminators.  So, we must force all open files to be
 * in text mode reguardless of the underlying filesystem attributes.
 * However, we only want to do this for reading, not writing as we still
 * want to write files in the mode of the filesystem.  To do this,
 * we have two options: augment all {f}open() calls to have O_TEXT added to
 * the list of file mode options, or have the Cygwin runtime do it for us.
 * I choose the latter. :)
 * Cygwin's runtime provides pre-execution hooks which allow you to set
 * various attributes for the process which effect how the process functions.
 * One of these attributes controls how files are opened.  I've set
 * it up so that all files opened RDONLY will have the O_TEXT option set,
 * thus forcing line termination manipulation.  This seems to solve the
 * problem (at least the Test suite runs clean :).
 * Note: this may not work in later implementations.  This will override
 * all mode options passed into open().  Cygwin (really Windows) doesn't
 * support all that much in options, so for now this is OK, but later on
 * it may not, in which case O_TEXT will have to be added to all opens calls
 * appropriately.

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