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Re: Regression: broken completion on modification time

On Jun 18,  1:49am, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Pavlov (ZyX) wrote:
} Where I have exactly the same question: `-mtime` argument is still
} numeric (now without "mostly" if I am not mistaking) and short.

The intent is to use the complist module / menu selection to present
a calendar so that you can point at a date to generate the number of
days forward or backward that correspond to that date, rather than
having to work out the delta yourself and then type it.  It's not
about how many keystrokes are being saved, in this case.

(The reason for this thread is to discuss not doing this when complist
or selection are not in use.)

} Also I cannot find `_dates` in `man zshall`

It was introduced last July as an experiment; as I mentioned in an
earlier message on this thread, several things about it were never
properly resolved.  Documentation appears to have been another.

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