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Re: Adding (compiling) a module to already build Zsh

On Sep 14, 10:54am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Many of the prototypes are autogenerated with makepro.awk and that
} mechanism ties in to aspects of the module mechanism. So, for example, an
} obvious function to include in the module interface might be addhookdefs
} but the prototype is in module.epro. This may not be a problem as such
} but it'd need someone who understands what's going on in that area.

This.  It's difficult enough right now to add a module directly to the
full zsh tree, much less tease apart all the bits that would need to
be teased in order to build with only a few pre-existing headers.

Packages like libapreq (mod_perl) and the old X11 had similar problems
back in the day.  (I haven't built loadable modules against any of
their successors in many years, so I don't know the current state.)
The decisions we made with .epro files and awk scripts were all good
ones at the time.  If we could find an expert on the current state of
dynamic loading on a variety of platforms, it would be very helpful.

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