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Re: zsh make(1) completion on FreeBSD

Guilherme Salazar wrote on Wed, Oct 05, 2016 at 23:56:52 -0300:
> Hey,
> The _make completion script has the following snippet:
> case "$OSTYPE" in
>   freebsd*)
>     _make-parseMakefile $PWD < <(_call_program targets "$words[1]"
> -nsp -f "$file" 4| .PHONY 2> /dev/null)
>   ;;
> That is, _call_program invokes the make command ($words[1]) with the
> given options (-nsp...) to get the make database. The issue is the
> default make utility in FreeBSD is not GNU Make and it does not
> support these options; to get something in FreeBSD make, we could use
> the -d option (for debugging), along with A (for all) -- see [1] for
> details.

I'd like to see this fixed but I'm not on FreeBSD right now.  Any chance
you could write a patch?  I think there are two approaches, either (a)
figure out what incantation of BSD make is equivalent to «gmake -nspf
$file», or (b) use the -d switch to ask make what are the targets,
variables, and other things that _make-parseMakefile extracts.

> If one has gmake installed, one can replace "$words[1]" with gmake or
> g"$words[1]" to have gmake dump the database info, but I'm not sure
> it's the ideal solution.

g$words[1] won't work when $words[1] is "/usr/bin/make", and in any case
I'd be concerned about syntaxes that are valid to BSD make but not to
GNU make; there are bound to be numerous instances of that in the ports



> [1] https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=make&apropos=0&sektion=1&manpath=FreeBSD+11-current&arch=default&format=html
> Cheers,
> G. Salazar

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