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Re: [PATCH} define _GNU_SOURCE on Cygwin

On Tue, 1 Nov 2016, Jun T. wrote:

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 21:11:22 +0900
From: Jun T.

Greetings, Jun,

On 2016/10/31, at 15:15, Peter A. Castro wrote:

I built with Cygwin 1.7.35


You are welcome. :)

With the proposed patch from Jun, zsh compiles, links and runs the check tests "adequately".

Did you get any "new" warnings when building with the patch?
(new = no warning without the patch)

No, no "new" warnings.

I say "adequately" because there were 2 test failures, 5 skipped and 40 successful.

Do the same 2 tests fail if you do not apply the patch?

As I said, I have always gotten 2 test failures (essentially the same tests failing). Your patch does not change this result.

As a result, I only applied the change to zsh_system.h, which was successful.

Yes, that is sufficient to test the patch.

Fair enough.


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