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Re: Shift-Insert overwrites ZLE CUTBUFFER

Moving this to -workers ...

On Oct 31,  4:56pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Associating it with the existing cut/paste features at least puts
} it in a logical and memorable place, at least once you're aware of
} the feature. And if you know about things like yank-pop or vi "0
} then it is not so likely to be bothersome. But I'd be open to
} something better.

On Oct 31,  4:16pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I'm not particularly bothered either way, but $ZLE_PASTED suggest
} itself.

An idea that I just had, spawned in part by Oliver's change to
"print -v" behavior when the target variable is declared as an array:

If ZLE_PASTED has been declared, then the pasted text is copied there
instead of into CUTBUFFER.  If it's been declared as an array, it
acts similarly to $killring, i.e., the pasted text is unshifted to
the front and the last element is dropped.

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