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Re: Shift-Insert overwrites ZLE CUTBUFFER

Bart wrote:
> On Oct 31,  4:56pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> }
> } Associating it with the existing cut/paste features at least puts
> } it in a logical and memorable place, at least once you're aware of
> } the feature. And if you know about things like yank-pop or vi "0
> } then it is not so likely to be bothersome. But I'd be open to
> } something better.
> On Oct 31,  4:16pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> }
> } I'm not particularly bothered either way, but $ZLE_PASTED suggest
> } itself.

A variable isn't an especially convenient place for the text given
that it is mostly useful interactively. You can't do anything useful
without writing custom shell widgets and if you're going to be
writing custom shell widgets, you might just as well write one to
wrap bracketed-paste and stuff the text into a variable.

> An idea that I just had, spawned in part by Oliver's change to
> "print -v" behavior when the target variable is declared as an array:

The array would at least then serve as a simple one-liner to disable
the use of the CUTBUFFER if it turns out that it bothers a lot of

I've mostly found the feature useful with an explicit vi buffer
and that behaviour is easily preserved while changing the rest.

Does emacs perhaps have anything analagous to the vi buffers? (It
appears to be a vim thing to call them registers as I've been doing).
Would there be any sense in putting it in the kill ring but not in
the CUTBUFFER so yank-pop is needed to grab it.


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