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Re: zsh-5.2-test-3

On Dec 11,  4:11am, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
} Subject: Re: zsh-5.2-test-3
} Bart Schaefer wrote on Sat, Dec 10, 2016 at 19:44:21 -0800:
} > Actually -- why is that test in B02 in the first place, rather than in
} > say D04parameter.ztst ?
} Because it's about assignment, as opposed to substitution?

Then why isn't in it A06assign ?  (Because it's not really about
assignment, either -- it's about a special-parameter side-effect.)

} If there's a better home for the test I don't mind moving it.

It probably ought to be in A05execution, or maybe we need a new test
file just for behavior of assorted special parameters.  C06specials ?

Incidentally, assigning to USERNAME attempts to change both UID and
GID and is still only a warning, not an error.  Further, if setuid()
and setgid() aren't available, assignments to UID et al. silently
do nothing, which is probably why failure of set?id() when available
was never a hard error before.

Passing thought, mostly unrelated:  There should be tests of "getopts"
in B08shift.  I believe we still have some incompatibility with POSIX
in OPTIND/OPTARG handling it would be nice to have an example of the
current behavior with some mention of the difference in case we get
around to fixing it.

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