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Re: caching mechanism and Re: PATCH Completion for _yum

On Dec 14,  1:18am, Jun T. wrote:
} I guess what is intended by the original code is to be sure to regenerate
} the data if the cache is invalid, even if the variable _dput_cfhosts
} already exists in the current zsh.

Yes, that's almost certainly the case.

} > Whether we want to be keeping caches also in a global variable is a
} > different question
} keeping the data in a variable may not be a good idea.

Some sort of cross-session synchronization would be needed to do this in
a foolproof way.  Hmm, another thing Sebastian was working on recently.

Here's the original message that started all of this:


Followed by several messages in 2000 which unfortunately aren't all
linked in the same archive thread but all of which have "caching" in
the subject.

I don't think we've been consistent about using *this* caching mechanism
for doing the intended sort of caching across all completions.  Various
completions put stuff directly into their own global variables, IIRC.

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