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Re: Regression in bracketed-paste-magic (not in 5.2, but affects 5.3's test releases)

On Dec 7,  1:39pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} In this particular case, the problem is that fc -p doesn't result
} in a call to zle's remember_edits(). remember_edits() updates the
} table of history entries for the current line. The edit associated
} with doing BUFFER= CURSOR=1 is thus lost. So when it does the
} undo, the line is first restored when the history line is reselected
} and then the contents are duplicated when the effect of clearing
} $BUFFER is undone.

This reminds me of a question I had when 38579 was applied:  What's
the point of assigning CURSOR=1 here?  If BUFFER is empty, the only
valid value of CURSOR is 0 (isn't it?), and the assignment to BUFFER
resets CURSOR implicitly as far as I can tell.

} What I would suggest for 5.3 is the patch below. [...]
} If you're wondering why I suggest this rather than adding a hook
} to call remember_edits(), it is because, for a proper post-5.3
} patch, fc -p wouldn't actually change the current history line.

Now that 5.3.1 is out, I've re-commited bracketed-paste-magic to its
state after 38579 plus the patch in this thread (40118), in spite of
my question above.  We can now begin fiddling with the proper post-5.3
fix to "fc -p".

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