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Re: vcs_info: '%' in payloads not escaped

On Jan 6,  4:40pm, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
} However, I do think this problem is solvable.  The string we produce in
} $vcs_info_msg_N_ should have a defined escaping.  I would suggest to
} define that that string is prompt-escaped - which would be consistent
} with existing code

Yes, having a well-defined reversible escaping of the string would be
the best way to go.  (Reversible in that e.g. ${(Q)...} removes it,
or ${(%)...} does.)

I'm not very familiar with VCS_info.  Frank seemed concerned that the
same variable might contain substrings both from git output that
had one set of quoting needs and also from other sources that had
another set of quoting needs.

If this is indeed the case then there may not be a single reversible
quoting that can be applied to the value as a whole.  To fix this we
would need to provide more variations of the string, e.g., one that
is not escaped and one that is prompt-escaped.

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