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Re: [^ax-y] doesn't work but [^x-ya] does

On Feb 24, 12:38pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} Subject: [^ax-y] doesn't work but [^x-ya] does
} I couldn't create minimal test case interactively.

I suspect therefore that value of ${ZUI[COLOR_END]} is going to matter.

} The point is: "ON-THE-FLY" isn't replaced because it contains "-", and
} This however works on zsh-5.2-dev-0 and starts not working with
} zsh-5.2-dev-1 reaching zsh-5.3.1-dev-0.

What changed in there is that "-" started needing to be a tokenized
special character in [charset] notation in order to match a range.
This has several effects, including that in [${charset}] any hyphens
in the expansion of $charset are treated as literal matches unles
you use [${~charset}].  There are all sorts of possible side-effects
here if the value of $charset begins or ends with hyphen.

I understand you say that's not the case here, just mentioning in
the context.

So you've found something that causes the hyphen in $'\03'-$'\010' to
remain untokenized.

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