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Duplicate messages (was Re: LINENO behaviour in sh mode)

At 09:11 -0700 23 Mar 2017, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
} (BTW, Bart, all your messages have been coming through zwh-workers in
} duplicate for quite some time now, the second copy always about 2K
} larger than the first due to extra routing headers.)

Thanks for letting me know; that means at least some of gmail's SMTP
relays are off the blocklist used by primenet.

Based on what I'd seen that was always the case. I started seeing dups pretty much as soon as that work around was put into place. I'd though that was expected, so I just enabled duplicate filtering on my end.

(do both copies of >what you see have the same X-Seq ?)

No, each copy has its own X-Seq. (I keep copies of all incoming mail before any filtering is done.)

I'll try this one without the second copy and see what happens.

It obviously made it to the list.

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