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Re: zsh 5.3.1 crashes on completion

On May 11, 10:35am, ChenYao wrote:
} It seems that zsh is attempting to double free memory when
} autocompleting `fc` or `r`. And it causes zsh crash.

I'm NOT able to reproduce this from "zsh -f" with the most recent git

Completing after an expression in backticks causes that expression to
be executed inside the completion system, which means among other things
that `fc` tries to run the editor without any terminal, and then any
terminal control sequences that the editor emits may end up as part
of the command name that is next attempted to run; so it's possible
that the choice of editor affects what ends up getting processed into
the command buffer, which might in turn change whether the crash is

Or it might just be that any of several other recent fixes has also
swept up this one.

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