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Re: ZSH SSH completion with new Include directive in OpenSSH

On May 26, 12:02pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} > Note that we've already received patches for ssh_config(5) Include
} > support, such as 40688. I think they were neither applied nor
} > rejected, just pending.
} Could someone who thinks they know enough about ssh check and
} apply them? Thanks.

The difference between 40688 and my 41156 seems to be that 40688 uses
a grep to try to extract all the Include out of ~/.ssh/config and then
run through all the files in a loop.  41156 on the other hand expands
the included files at the point where they appear in the original.

40688 won't necessarily process them in the right order, although that
probably doesn't matter, but I think it will miss out the case where
one of the included files itself includes another file.  41156 deals
with that case.

Also 41156 recognizes both "Host" and "HostName" lines, 40688 still
knows only about "Host".

Nevertheless it would be nice to have someone else look it over.

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