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Re: Add redis-db module to upstream?

On 7 czerwca 2017 at 11:35:43, Oliver Kiddle (okiddle@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Certrainly we want to take care that the hiredis dependency isn't making
> a zsh build more complicated. Perhaps the module could be disabled by
> default. I'd also agree with the points made by Bart such as unifying
> ztie, perhaps with a generic typeset option: typeset -o file=...

I copied gdbm checks and switched them to hiredis library. I feel OK with this because hiredis is small C library. Linking it feels cool, no large, awkward linkage, like it would maybe be for Oracle Berkley DB library, which isn't distributed in Homebrew nor other package systems (as Google suggests), and it felt large when testing it.

> As for use, I've never actually got around to trying the gdbm module.
> What is it mostly good for? Very large variables or sharing variables?

I was planing to use it with Zplugin, to build textual UI with ZUI library, to configure plugins this way. The problem is that plugins aren't that complex to ship TUI for them. One option however is important – enable/disable of plugin. I do this often, and it doesn't seem right to comment and uncomment things in Zshrc that often. So in general gdbm could be good to map some configuration on it, because database allows programmatic updating (but besides plugins, alterations of zshrc rather aren't often; but I suspect a user with different mindset than mine could quickly provide examples of useful mapping).

When developing zredis, it became clear that embedded databases aren't that useful. Having a server that separates files on disc from clients – this opens more possibilities. There are two other free NoSQL databases sophia and tarantool, the last one was created by Mail.ru for a social service, it might be a gem. The first use case is administrating the databases, but I think other ones should appear.

Sebastian Gniazdowski
psprint /at/ zdharma.org

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