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Re: Add redis-db module to upstream?

Oliver Kiddle wrote on Wed, 07 Jun 2017 11:29 +0200:
> On 3 Jun, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> > > I have no objection to including this module's functionality in the base
> > > distribution.  However, I don't think we should just chuck it in there
> > > exactly as-is.
> >
> > This module was created 10 days ago.  It has had no bug reports, no pull
> > requests, and no code contributors other than its author.  Does it have
> > any users besides Sebastian?  Will anyone on this list use this module
> > in his setup?
> I'm not sure that those points are entirely fair because building zsh modules
> separate from the zsh tree is not trivial. It's a significant barrier
> both to any potential contributor trying the module and to long term
> usage as a separate module. If it was easy then it might be better to
> keep such modules separate but it isn't.

Then let's make it easier for people to develop and install separately-
maintained modules.

As to keeping such modules separate, this _is_ git, so module developers
could maintain their modules in forks of zsh.git, and users could
install modules by merging all modules they want to use into their tree
before running Util/preconfig.  I don't consider this a solution; only a
workaround until the core's build system is improved to make it easier
to use externally-maintained modules.

The build system improvement is independent of whether the redis module
should be in the core.



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