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Re: Return value from execstring(), or construct Options for a builtin?

On Jun 7, 12:20pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
} backend_cmd = "zrtie"; // (or "zgtie")
} execstring(backend_cmd, 1, 0, "ztie");

I believe this is very much the wrong way to do this (even though I
suggested it as a solution for a different specific problem).

The right thing would be to handle this the way that ZLE entry points
are managed (see Src/init.c:zleentry), with one module to contain ztie
and related functions which makes an entry point call back to the chosen
backend module.

The decisions about how to abstract bin_ztie et al. from gdbm should be
made by discussion with this group, not by you racing ahead on your own.
Proposed approaches are of course welcome (see for example the discussion
about numeric sorting).

} The problem is execstring() is void return type. Does it store retval
} somewhere?

It's in the global variable "lastval".

} I can also call builtin, have builtintab correctly searched, proper
} HashNode is obtained. But not sure how to fill Options argument.

This is handled by Src/builtin.c:execbuiltin, Options objects are
allocated by the static function new_optarg.  But you should not be
in the position of needing to care about this, you should never be
calling bin_* functions directly.

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