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Re: Return value from execstring(), or construct Options for a builtin?

On 7 czerwca 2017 at 18:11:30, Bart Schaefer (schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> On Jun 7, 12:20pm, Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
> }
> } backend_cmd = "zrtie"; // (or "zgtie")
> } execstring(backend_cmd, 1, 0, "ztie");
> I believe this is very much the wrong way to do this (even though I
> suggested it as a solution for a different specific problem).

I tried the parameter-way, to pass to backend via ZSH_DATABASE_SPEC. No problem with builtintab searching, it's fixed.

> The right thing would be to handle this the way that ZLE entry points
> are managed (see Src/init.c:zleentry), with one module to contain ztie
> and related functions which makes an entry point call back to the chosen
> backend module.

I depend on coffee, which has ended for today, worked for 6 hours on the zleentry-way, I think I got it. I declare the following in db.c:

/* For casts, as below mod_export variables are void-no-arguments */
typedef int (*DbBackendEntryPoint)(VA_ALIST1(int cmd));

mod_export void (*backend_gdbm_entry_ptr)();

mod_export void (*backend_redis_entry_ptr)();

mod_export void (*backend_custom1_entry_ptr)();


There are three custom "db/custom[0-9]" backends. This way a custom module can attach, or also, it can fully replace db.c and provide own above variables in its custom db.c. In backend I include db.epro, to have the declarations of above vars, but backend module can just define own externs. This is to not depend on zsh.h. For this I also used macros not enum, for command ids.

> The decisions about how to abstract bin_ztie et al. from gdbm should be
> made by discussion with this group, not by you racing ahead on your own.
> Proposed approaches are of course welcome (see for example the discussion
> about numeric sorting).

This goes on me, coffee+interesting topic+coding. Hope current method is OK, if not I can change.

I've commited zredis plugin using two modules:


From the last one, on-topic are functions redis_main_entry, zrtie_cmd and zruntie_cmd.

Sebastian Gniazdowski
psprint /at/ zdharma.org

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