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Re: [patch] Completion for _deborphan and _xrandr

On Sun, Oct 15, 2017 at 11:00:24PM +0200, Oliver Kiddle wrote:

>> I also fixed the xrandr completion to separate outputs into two groups
>> (connected and disconnected). Patch, and whole file attached. If there
> Is it useful to complete a disconnected output then? If it's only
> relevant with some options then we could have separate states for
> completing all vs. only connected outputs.

I use it :). Often, when I disconnect an output, but then haven't told
X about it, I need to do

    xrandr --output blah --auto (or --off)

I didn't think it was worth the added complexity to have it done
differently for --left-of etc.

Thanks for your suggestions about deborphan! I think I got them all and
am a new version with everything incorporated.



A Windows user spends 1/3 of his life sleeping, 1/3 working, 1/3
#compdef deborphan

local keep=(/var/lib/deborphan/keep(N) /dev/null)
_arguments : \
  {--help,-h}'[help]' \
  {--status-file,-f}'[specify status file]:file:_files' \
  {--version,-v}'[version]' \
  {--show-deps,-d}'[show dependencies for packages that have them]' \
  {--show-priority,-P}'[show priority of packages found]' \
  {--show-section,-s}'[show the sections the packages are in]' \
  --no-show-section'[do not show sections]' \
  {--show-size,-z}'[show installed size of packages found]' \
  {--all-packages,-a}'[compare all packages, not just libs]' \
  {--exclude,-e}'[work as if specified packages were not installed]:packages:_sequence _deb_packages - avail' \
  {--force-hold,-H}'[ignore hold flags]' \
  {--nice-mode,-n}'[disable checks for "recommends" and "suggests"]' \
  --ignore-recommends'[disable checks for recommends]' \
  --ignore-suggests'[disable checks for "suggests"]' \
  {--priority,-p}'[select only packages with at least specified priority]:priority:' \
  --find-config'[find "orphaned" configuration files]' \
  --libdevel'[search in libdevel in addition to libs and oldlibs]' \
  {--add-keep,-A}'[packages to never report]:*:package:_deb_packages installed' \
  {--keep-file,-k}'[file to get/store info about kept packages]:file:_files' \
  {--list-keep,-L}'[list the packages that are never reported]' \
  {--del-keep,-R}"[packages to remove from the 'keep' file]:*:package:compadd -X 'kept package' $(< $keep[1])" \
  {--zero-keep,-Z}'[remove all packages from the "keep" file]' \
  --guess-common'[try to report common packages]' \
  --guess-data'[try to report data packages]' \
  --guess-debug'[try to report debugging libraries]' \
  --guess-dev'[try to report development packages]' \
  --guess-doc'[try to report documentation packages]' \
  --guess-dummy'[try to report dummy packages]' \
  --guess-kernel'[try to report kernel modules]' \
  --guess-interpreters'[try to report interpreter libraries]' \
  --guess-mono'[try to report mono libraries]' \
  --guess-perl'[try to report perl libraries]' \
  --guess-pike'[try to report pike libraries]' \
  --guess-python'[try to report python libraries]' \
  --guess-ruby'[try to report ruby libraries]' \
  --guess-section'[try to report libraries in wrong sections]' \
  --guess-all'[try all of the above]' \
  --guess-only'[use --guess options only]'

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