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Re: GH:zsh-users/zsh-completions.

[having trouble following everything in this thread; replying to just
one section]

Oliver Kiddle wrote on Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 18:23:22 +0200:
> What I would prefer is for us to leave zsh completions where they are but
> optimise the workflow:
>   * Encourage completion contributions in the form of github pull
>     requests to the zsh-users/zsh mirror. This isn't hard to handle:
>     add github as an additional remote, fetch refs/remotes/xxxx/pr/*,
>     cherry-pick and push to the sourceforge master.

Note that this is already happening: people sometimes submit pull
requests to zsh-users/zsh.  Some of us are subscribed to notifications
from that repository and handle such pull requests, either by fetching
them from github and pushing them to sourceforge as Oliver describes, or
by redirecting them to -workers@ for discussion and review.

Moreover, we could just as easily have both a github mirror and a gitlab
mirror and accept pull requests on both of them; all we need is some
maintainers (or this list) to subscribe to pull request notifications
from the gitlab mirror, and then to fetch pull requests from gitlab and
push them to sourceforge in the same manner as done for github.

>   * Require no mailing list message for basic completion updates.
>   * Rethink the need to update ChangeLog on every commit.

I think this is a subtly different issue, isn't it?  The "post to
-workers@" and "update ChangeLog" steps are only visible to the core
maintainer who integrates a change; they are not visible to the
contributor of the patch or to the end-users who consume it.



> I realise that this doesn't solve the problems with how to hatch
> completions from zsh-completions.

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