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Re: GH:zsh-users/zsh-completions.

On 19 Oct, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> [having trouble following everything in this thread; replying to just
> one section]

Sorry. I suspect you weren't alone. We didn't really come to any useful
conclusion so I'll try to distill it down to the key alternatives. Note
that this is no longer about the external zsh-completions project.

1) A suggestion was made to separate the completion functions out into a
separate project but continuing to include the functions in zsh releases
and the zsh git repository via git submodule.

   This strikes me as being a bit extreme. As a separate project it
   would need to take care of backward compatibility. It could lead to
   them not being available on some systems due to separate packaging.
   And setting it all up would be a chunk of work. But there are
   advantages: less noise on zsh-workers, more frequent releases for
   completions, easier and less intimidating for casual contributors.

2) Keep things together but encourage completion contributions in the
form of pull requests on github and gitlab mirrors. Along with this, I'd
also suggest that we drop the requirement for a mailing list message for
basic completion updates.

   This gets some of the advantages.

3) Do nothing.

It'd be good to know which of these options has broad support before
getting bogged down on the details.


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