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Re: Test release: 5.6.2-test-3

dana wrote on Sun, 06 Jan 2019 10:37 -0600:
> On 6 Jan 2019, at 09:12, Jun T. <takimoto-j@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Are you having problems while trying to install yodl?
> >Or yodl has been successfully installed but still
> >can't generate PDF?
> I've got yodl — cherry-picked from MacPorts, since Homebrew doesn't have it.
> Building the man/HTML pages with that is no problem once i've got it.
> For the PDF, i needed TeX, which the normal Homebrew repo also doesn't have i
> guess because it's similarly complicated to build on macOS. Homebrew Cask has
> the MacTeX distribution, but the full thing is over 3 GiB, which is silly. I
> found the 'basic' distribution, though, and then i needed to manually install
> the texinfo thing for it, and after all that i thought i'd be OK, but
> apparently TeX needs X11 to generate the PDF for some reason (font stuff, i
> assume).
> On balance, X11 is probably smaller and easier to install than TeX. Still, it
> felt excessive.

I doubt that you need the entire 3 GiB of it.  I have only
2.3 GiB of texlive-* packages installed [1], and I use TeX for non-zsh
stuff too.  It's probably pulling half of CTAN (the TeX library
packages archive), while you only need core LaTeX and whichever
\usepackage{} packages yodl and texinfo need



[1] dpkg -L $(dpkg -l texlive | awk '{print $2}') | perl -lnE '$a += -s if -e; end { say $a }'

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