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Bug(?): unable to setopt pathscript


Noob warning: I think that there might be a bug, but the mistake may be on my end as I am fairly new to zsh.

I seem unable to set the option PATH_SCRIPT.

In my ~/.zshrc file, I have "setopt pathscript". It seems to be taken into account: if I run "setopt" in the cli, I get a list of options including "pathscript".

However, if I run "zsh script.sh", I get "zsh: can't open input file: script.sh". (My script is in $PATH).

Now, if I run "zsh -o pathscript script.sh", it works...

So, even though "pathscript" gets listed by "setopt", it doesn't seem to take effect...

I rebooted with no change.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is there something going on??

Thank you!


Marie-Helene Burle (Marie)

Software Carpentry & Data Carpentry Instructor
RStudio Community Sustainer
Scientific Programming Study Group Admin

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