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Re: ZSH vcs_info are not updated if alias is used

On Sun, Apr 28, 2019 at 8:05 PM Goetz Epperlein <lony_@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Roman,
> I looked into your solutions and found the brute force the easiest for me
> <https://github.com/lony/dotFiles/blob/master/ansible/roles/dotfiles/src/bash_zsh/.zsh_oh-my-zsh/themes/lony.zsh-theme>
> .

> As match I liked your solution I do not like to install additional
> software.

That makes two of us.

Unfortunately, it's really difficult to use zsh without having to rely on
extra code from various git repositories. Things
like zsh-syntax-highlighting and zsh-autosuggestions are incredibly
convenient yet they aren't built-in. Everyone has to figure out a way to
install these plugins and to keep them up to date. Hence the proliferation
of plugin manager for ZSH. My favorite solution is put all your dotfiles in
a git repo (preferably a bare git repo, so that you can track your dotfiles
right where they are) and set up dependencies as git submodules. As long as
your dependencies don't require post-clone/post-pull processing, this works
well. Whatever your method is, you can use it to install gitstatus, too.
It's compatible with all plugins managers out there.

Do you know if there will be any "merge" into vcs_info from your
> enhancements?

I don't think anyone is working on it. If anyone decides to start this
effort, I'll support them as I can but I cannot commit to driving this



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