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Re: Incorrect cursor position when ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT=0 (with a fix)

On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 12:22 PM Charles Blake <charlechaud@xxxxxxxxx>

> For me XTerm (vsn 337 on Gentoo), I got the unpatched zsh -df show "after
> 2" which I take it differs from your results.

Thanks for the data point. Originally I've tried it on XTerm 330. I've now
also tested it on XTerm 345 -- the latest release. It gives the same
results as all other terminals I'd tested. I wasn't able to find the
sources for XTerm 337. Do you know where I can obtain them?

However, it's not likely that the same version of ZSH works on XTerm 330
and 345 but breaks on 337. A more plausible explanation is that there is
something else in our setups that causes the difference in terminal
behavior. Perhaps ZSH? I've tested with ZSH 5.4.2 that comes with Ubuntu
18.04 and with the latest version of the code that I pulled from
https://github.com/zsh-users/zsh (commit
fae7c853319798e170a0bcf1b3098b1a07447c70). Which version of ZSH are you

Also, is it feasible for you to try my patch with the same terminal that
exhibits correct behavior without patching?

  I also got rxvt-unicode-9.22
> to have the unpatched zsh -df put the curser just after the 2.  OTOH,
> trying "st" (simple term from sucksless), I got the incorrect position "on
> top of" the 2.  You may also want to check the terminal emulator in PuTTY.
> HP-UX and AIX terminals were always "odd", but those are harder to get
> access to.

Thanks, I'll try PuTTY.


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