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Re: PATCH: completion option updates

dana wrote:
> > openssh 8.0p1 - this was already done but args to -T were missed
> Correct me if i've missed something, but i don't think this is right.
> ssh-add's help output does say that -T takes an argument, but the actual
> source indicates that it doesn't ??? the flag's effect is applied to the tool's
> normal operands (which are identity files).

That is correct but note that the patch uses the :*: _arguments
form to handle all arguments following -T. The man page for ssh-add,
indicates that -T can't be used in combination with any other options.
So following -T, the only thing that is valid is public key files. So
_files with a *.pub glob is slightly more specific than the full _files
that is otherwise used. If, contrary to the man page, you can usefully
do things like ssh-add -T -v pubkey then it is probably better left as
you had it.


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