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Re: Logo

HI Justin,

Le jeu. 27 juin 2019 à 18:59, Justin Dorfman <justindorfman@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
> Got some initial design ideas in and wanted to share the progress. Before moving forward I would love to get some input from you all.

I quite like the idea of having the percent symbol in the logo, the
same way there's the dollar symbol in bash's logo.

Like Sebastian, my immediate reaction to the first logo was that it
reads “Zosh” and not “Zsh” — which in my case in probably reinforced
by the choice of colors, because in France there's a very well known
telephony brand called “Sosh” and it belongs to the “Orange” company
(the color of which, as you can guess, is orange). See

I asked my girlfriend, who is an avid user of Zsh as well but 1) was
not aware what the images were about and 2) didn't know that the
default Zsh prompt is the percent symbol, and she had the exact same
reaction. She red “Zosh” or “percent-sh”, but couldn't figure at all
there was a link with Zsh.

I also agree with Bart's remark on the font mismatch — tough I only
realized that after reading his message.

I like the second logo better, especially the second variant. To me,
it looks like a mix of the Z of Zsh, the percent symbol and a PCB.
Very cool. If feels like it was only the “small” version of a more
complete logo, though, like the one you use as an icon rather than the
one you use on a website header.

Thanks a lot!


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