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Re: Logo

Sebastian Gniazdowski wrote:
> It's an interesting idea to meld % znd Z (as Bart noted), but in the
> idea 1 I was for about 15 seconds reading the log o as "Zosh" and
> scratching my head ;)

I had the same thought with the first idea - it reading as "Zosh". The
"o" part of the % is no smaller than the s. Given that a prompt is more
often rendered in a fixed width font, I wonder if it would work better
with a typewriter font used as the basis of the % and the Z elements of
the merged character matching the "sh" as far as possible.

Idea 2 looks good. The first two are more striking but the third perhaps
is more reminiscent of a terminal window. The % is less apparent than
with idea 1, however - I suspect many people wouldn't even make the
connection and would only see it as a Z with some circles. The
association between zsh and a default prompt is probably less strong
than it is for bash to begin with - zsh users being more likely to
customise things.

> As for the second idea, I see it quite like a poster-like, i.e.
> strong, clear-cut, impressive/influential. This might be the way to
> go, however it might be worth noticing that Bash logo isn't like that,
> it's more like "calm", maybe even "warm". That said I don't really

A stronger logo might better suit zsh. I do like the bash logo, but
wouldn't want anything too similar for zsh.

> Out of the 3 versions of the 2nd idea I like the second (the middle
> one) the most. As I said the IMO poster-like, strong logo might be the
> way to go, however you might evolve it with the observations, who
> knows what will be the effect.

I'd agree with this.

I like the white shadow on the diagonal and the diamond background shape
in the middle one but I prefer the orange on black of the third to the
black on orange.

Thanks Justin!


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