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Re: ssh completion on Catalina

Hi Dana

I thank you for your quick reply and I apologize for my delay (Vacation period in France)

Previously Mojave was installed, the very last version
Zsh version, no sorry, but I performed a brew upgrade recently
Now, Zsh 5.7.1 is installed
No specific configuration was done.

I agree your analyse : stuck in loop

I performed your recommendations.

ssh bar<Ctrl+x ?>
I got a file, unfortunalty I’m not able to understand it…
I see the list of server from my .ssh/config.d/hosts
I see sort of loop

Then I tried again and wait longer and… completion works after 4/5 seconds
Same with the traditional <tab>

I removed the bind key (bindkey -r '^x?’)
<tab> works with few seconds delay

What can I bring you as input ?
Strange that the completion spends more time than Mojave env.
I don’t know which programming language is used, but i seems the interpreter is less quicker in this case.

I apply the very last Catalina release (2 day ago), there are a lot of small mistake with Catalina, so I guest each new version will fix these « bugs ».
I perform also a brew upgrade too.
No solved my issue.

So it is not really a problem, but I manage hundreds of servers, the ssh command is my hourly tool…
For instance, I have 45 having « multi »	in their name.

%> ssh multi<tab> takes 8 seconds to complete the real root name of these 45 servers.
<tab> again to have the complete list of them, to select the one I want to connect with right arrow, is again few seconds.

As I tell you in my 1st mail, if I specify the first characters of server name such as in my case ssh vmmulti, the completion is immediate and the next tab is also immediate.
As 90% of the server names start by « vm », now I write these 2 chars in my ssh command to go faster. In Mojave env, no.


> Le 23 oct. 2019 à 11:36, dana <dana@xxxxxxx> a écrit :
> On 21 Oct 2019, at 02:41, Bruno Bazille <bruno@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I installed the last macOS version : 10.15
>> I’m using iTerm2
>> brew upgrade has been performed
> Were you previously on Mojave, and it worked there? Do you know what version
> of zsh you were using there, and which one you're using on Catalina? And you
> didn't change anything else about your zsh or SSH configuration?
> On 21 Oct 2019, at 02:41, Bruno Bazille <bruno@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> When I want to connect one of my server here below the completion issue :
>> The server name I want to reach is vmbar (note all my server names start by vm)
>> %> ssh bar<tab>
>> ==> completion seems blocked
> This will probably be weird because it's getting stuck in a loop, but you can
> try this. First, run the following:
>  bindkey '^x?' _complete_debug
> Then, enter the problematic command to complete like you were doing before,
> but instead of pressing Tab, press Ctrl+X followed immediately by ? (question
> mark).
> After it gets stuck, give it a second or two, then press Ctrl+C again to abort
> it. It should dump a trace file, but since you cancelled it you'll have to
> find it yourself. Try:
>  ls $TMPPREFIX*(.)
> Hopefully there'll be a file like zsh1234ssh1. If so, review it for any
> sensitive information (since it's SSH hosts it may contain servers/IPs),
> censor if necessary, and then attach the file here
> dana

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