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Re: Funky list-colors

Bart wrote:
> For even more detail you can use something similar to:
>   compadd -o -d labels_array -a filenames_array
> where there is one entry in $labels_array for each entry in
> $filenames_array.  The completion system will arrange to build a grid
> of the labels and names so that each name is paired with the
> corresponding element from the labels.  However, it does place the
> labels to the right of the names rather than to the left.

Actually the array specified with -d is not just for the labels but for
the whole string - match and label. So you can make any change you
like to how the match appears in the completion listing for your
own custom version of the LIST_TYPES option.

The common rendering of the match followed by a separator (-- by
default) and a label is not part of compadd. (in terms of man
pages/documentation sections, it is part of zshcompsys rather than
zshcompwid). In most, but by no means all, cases this is done from

This also means that for things like the list-colors style, patterns
match the whole display string. It can thus be used to change
attributes for either or both match and label. For an example, try:
'=(#b)(--) (*)==32=3'


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