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Re: Codespell report for "zsh" (on fossies.org)

Fossies Administrator wrote on Thu, Jan 09, 2020 at 13:05:13 +0100:
> the FOSS server fossies.org - also supporting "zsh" - offers a new feature
> "Source code misspelling reports":
>  https://fossies.org/features.html#codespell
> Such reports are normally only generated on request, but as Fossies
> administrator I have just created (for testing purposes) an analysis for the
> current "zsh" release 5.7.1:
>  https://fossies.org/linux/misc/zsh/codespell.html
> Maybe more meaningful is an additional report for the current Git master
> version that can be found in a special "test" folder (that isn't integrated
> in the Fossies standard services and should - at least principally - not
> accessible by search engines):
>  https://fossies.org/linux/test/zsh-code-4858e868dcf809016a1cb5680327d66d551353ae.zip/codespell.html
> Obviously in that current development version some of the spelling errors
> respectively typos are already fixed.

Thanks a lot.  I've committed it, minus the archived changelog files (I left
them as-is for ease of correlation to git logs), false positives, and variant

Is it possible to get the report in the form of a unidiff?  Basically the first
thing I did with the report is to convert it to a wdiff, with the following

#!/usr/bin/env zsh

setopt extendedglob

< fossies.out while IFS=$'\t\n' read -r ignore from to fname_and_parenthesized_lineno; do
  fname=${fname_and_parenthesized_lineno%% *}
  parenthesized_lineno=${fname_and_parenthesized_lineno#* }
  if printf %s $from $to | grep -E -q '^[A-Za-z0-9_]+$'; then
    perl -pi -E "s/\\b\\Q$from\\E\\b/$to/ if \$. == $parenthesized_lineno" -- ${fname#*/}
    echo >&2 "$0: warning: skipped [$from $to $fname $parenthesized_lineno]"

… where fossies.out was created by copy-pasting the table from firefox into a text file.

Thanks again.


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