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Re: [PATCH] A glob with a trailing slash will now match unreadable/unexecutable directories.

dana wrote on Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 00:24:22 -0600:
> A cool thing about it is that it apparently also fixes workers/42891 (globs
> misbehaving with sudo on macOS). Not sure if there are cases where it'd still
> be an issue, but a simple test (see below) run with root now passes where it
> wouldn't before.

Cool ☺  Please commit it, then.

> There is an issue with the D02 test you added before, though: Making the
> directories unwriteable prevents ztst from cleaning up properly afterwards
> (unless you're root), which causes other tests to fail the next time i run the
> script:

Thanks for the report.  Does appending $'%clean\n chmod +w
glob.tmp/secret*\n' to the file fix the issue?

To reduce communications overhead, feel free to go ahead and commit my
patch from the start of the thread [to 5.9, as per elsethread] with some
appropriate cleanup that makes it pass in your environment.



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