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Re: [PATCH] _diff_options doesn't support -w/--ignore-all-space for GNU diff

On 6 Feb 2020, at 10:05, Martin von Wittich <martin.von.wittich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm using GNU diff 3.7 and zsh 5.7.1 as provided by Debian 10.2, and I
> noticed that zsh's completion doesn't support diffs -w/--ignore-all-space
> parameter.

It looks like this was lost when support for the new FreeBSD diff was added in
workers/43351. I've restored that option (for both GNU and FreeBSD), thanks.

There are still some issues with this function, though. For one thing, the new
FreeBSD diff is heavily based on (almost but not quite identical to)
OpenBSD's, so we should probably add OpenBSD into the existing GNU/FreeBSD
mix. I think there are also some option-name inconsistencies between GNU and
the BSDs, but i didn't look super hard. My free time is pretty tied up in
getting 5.8 out right now, but maybe i'll look into this again, some day, if
nobody else does.


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